Communication, a Key Ingredient to Individualized Care

January 12, 2018
Denise Hyde

Go ahead, ask anyone working in any field today what their biggest challenge is. What do you think they will say? My experience has been that their answer is “communication” or some topic along that vein. Communication is a big challenge in the world today. It flows quickly, it may or may not include accurate information, and sometimes we are hard-pressed to find someone in our life that is an effective role model of what good communication actually looks like.

Individualized care is an expectation that we all hold in our hearts. Who here does not want those around them, who support their quality of life, to recognize and celebrate their individuality? To create individualized care, communication across the whole care partner team is essential. Strong, consistent, caring, relationships are central to creating individualized care. How is it possible to grow these types of relationships without good communication skills being taught, and embraced, by everyone on the care partner team? Good communication skills are extremely important.

The Eden Alternative Academy is taking on the challenge of communication during its 4th semester. The theme for this semester is Can We Talk? Communication, the Key to Person-Directed Care. The content covers the topic of communication from a variety of angles, including:

  • Learning Circles and huddles
  • Communication biases and barriers
  • Listening skills
  • Written communication
  • Diversity (generational and ethnic) and inclusion
  • Conflict resolution
  • Coaching
  • Empowerment

The semester started on January 10, 2018 with a great overview of communication in general; what it is, the barriers, and some key things to enable communication to be successful. Some key points that the Educator, Cheryl Kruschke, covered included:

  • Many of the key issues we face today are due to poor or ineffective communication
  • Some interesting facts about communication:
Communication Skill: Sequence of Learning: Educational Emphasis:
Listening First Fourth
Speaking Second Third
Reading Third Second
Writing Fourth First
  • Asking ourselves the who, what, when, where, why and how questions can help shape effective communication
  • Active listening involves really stopping and focusing on the person
  • Learning Circles and huddles are very effective communication tools that empower everyone to listen and to speak

You, and/or your team, are invited to join Eden Alternative Academy,  Semester 4 today. It’s not too late to register and join in the fun. The semester runs from January 10th to February 28th. The webinars happen weekly on Wednesdays at 2pm ET. If you have to miss a session, the recording link is shared so you can catch up. The Educators have growth work for participants to put the content into action during the week before the next session.

What are your communication successes and challenges? Bring them with you and participate in the Eden Alternative Academy this semester. The conversation will be richer because you are part of it.

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