October 5, 2022

Eden Membership Is About Connecting

Membership Blog Part 2: The Importance of Connecting

Patrick Bultema

Monday, October 3, 2022

Recently we announced and last week went live with the new Eden Membership; we are most encouraged with the very positive response so far.  Many organizations and individuals are not just saying positive things, but officially registering and signing up.  In my recent blog, I explained why and provided a brief overview of the new Eden Membership offering, explaining that there are two elements to the new offering: Connecting with Eden; and Implementing the Eden Approach.  In this blog, I’ll focus on the element of Connecting.

Connecting is a Vital Element

As I said before, The Eden Alternative has trained literally tens of thousands of people in the Eden philosophy, ideals, and approach.  But we lacked an effective mechanism to stay connected short of an organization joining the Registry.  That’s why Connecting is a vital element of the new Eden Membership.  After all, when people understand the person-directed approach of The Eden Alternative, they often say things like, “This completely changes how I think about providing care with Elders.”  But that vision and passion is so often at odds with the dominant, institutional model.  To keep the vision alive often requires a community of like-minded people.  That’s why connecting via community events and offerings is an essential element.  As part of Eden Membership, we will provide enhanced ways to connect and belong to the Eden community.  These will include remote gatherings that we’ve all gotten accustomed to during the era of the pandemic.  But we will also host regional and special interest options for belonging, sharing, and community.  You can learn more about this opportunity as you explore the Eden Membership.  

Content & Resources for Members

Another aspect of Connecting via the Eden Membership is an ongoing cadence of content and resources.  Each month, members will receive at least 2 valuable pieces of content, digitally delivered, to as many people as you wish to designate with your organization membership.  This content will focus on actionable insights, and resources you can use in your organization and practice of eldercare.  And the content deliverables will be a blend of video content, as well as text based resources.  What’s more, four times a year we will release data reports that illuminate benefits realized in implementing the Eden Approach.  For instance, a data report on staffing practices and results for Eden communities versus industry averages will help motivate your organization to continue your person-directed practices.  

Part of the Eden Family

In short, we are confident the Community and Content of Eden Membership will help maintain a dynamic of Connecting with The Eden Alternative, and help you belong with like-minded people who share your commitment to doing right by the Elders you serve.  We are excited to have you as part of the Eden family.