Creating Home At The Bridge at Monteagle

June 16, 2015
Suzette Molina, The Eden Alternative

The Bridge at Monteagle in Monteagle, TN joined the Eden Alternative on May 28, 2015.  

Home to 142 Elders, The care partner employees at The Bridge at Monteagle prides themselves on providing home and care tailored to each unique individual.  When it comes to quality of life, they do things a little differently around there. They go on vacations and regular outings, host hobby clubs, hold annual “Senior Olympics” events and resident art shows – and on a few rare occasions, even zipline, parasail and skydive. 

Being well known to one another is what makes this home so special; they work hard on being with the person in the moment and rolling with the natural rhythm of the day. The onsite Chaplain is always available to make sure that the spiritual needs of each person are being met. 

Elders are encouraged to participate in the Citizens Council that meets monthly to discuss the goals and desires of the folks that live there with the leadership team. Everyone has voice and an opportunity to be recognized and heard. By using the Serenity Innovations program and the Principles of the Eden Alternative they have found a recipe for success that brings happiness and joy to all that live and work there. 

For more information on their story contact Darren Hulgan.

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