Deke Cateau Joins the Eden Alternative Board of Directors

November 15, 2018
Jill Vitale-Aussem, The Eden Alternative

Excellent leaders always seem to strive for something more, something better for their organizations.  Deke Cateau is one of those leaders. We got to know Deke a few years back when he was COO of A.G. Rhodes Health & Rehab, a not-for-profit nursing home provider in Atlanta, GA.

At the time, A.G. Rhodes had been serving and supporting older people in the Atlanta area for over 100 years.  All three of the organization’s nursing homes had five-star CMS ratings.  The organization had an excellent reputation in the community and frequently won awards such as The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Top Workplaces Award.  Their status would satisfy many leaders.

But Deke and his organization wanted more.  They wanted to transform their approach to caring for and supporting the people they serve, particularly individuals living with dementia.

After much research, Deke and his team identified The Eden Alternative as the organization that could help them reach that goal.  They applied for, and received, CMS grant funding to start their journey.  They’ve never looked back.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Deke about some of his insights and experiences…

JV: What unique strengths do you want to bring to The Eden Alternative through your new role as a member of our Board?

DC: I hope to bring my strong nursing home operational and organizational background to assist the Board. I remain a strong nursing home advocate and enjoy seeing the cultural transformation of nursing homes.

JV: What inspires you about being a part of our Board?

DC: Since I became involved with The Eden Alternative, I have been inspired by their commitment to bringing the “home back into nursing home”. I can think of no more worthwhile movement to be involved and associated with. 

JV: How has The Eden Alternative impacted your organization?

DC: My organization has been positively impacted by The Eden Alternative. We approached cultural change as a movement that began with leadership, and from there, moved throughout the organization. All levels of the organization, beginning with our board and flowing through to the care partnerships closest to the Elders, have been energized and enthused because of it. We have also seen more operational and organizational efficiencies, and, as a non-profit, a significant uptick in grants related to person-directed care.

We’re honored to welcome Deke Cateau, CEO of A.G. Rhodes, to our Board of Directors.

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What wonderful news!!! Congratulations Deke and Congratulations to The Eden Alternative Board!!


Congrats Deke! LeadingAge Georgia members are very proud of this and your many other accomplishments in serving older adults!


Welcome Deke – it will be a pleasure to work together with you in The Eden Alternative Board, for the benefit of all those touched by the philosophy


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