Dementia Beyond Drugs: A Culture Change Perspective

September 22, 2011
Kavan Peterson, Editor,

There are two webinars left in our three part webinar series featuring Dr. Al Power and his award winning book Dementia Beyond Drugs. Click here to register!

In the second part of the series Sept. 28, Dr. Power will focus on the transformative aspects of culture change as they apply to the experiential model of dementia. Topics will include how certain aspects of the physical environment impact individuals living with dementia; specific organizational and operational changes that support the experiential model and promote empowerment and choice; and personal transformation, in terms of our interactions with individuals living with dementia.


  • List 3 ways that the physical environment can be adapted to the needs of people living with dementia;
  • Describe 3 ways that organizational culture can change to promote the empowerment of people living with dementia; and
  • Identify 3 examples of intra-interpersonal transformation that can inform our interactions with people living with dementia.

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