A Different Perspective on Dining

May 20, 2014
Denise Hyde

vegetable_gardensWe all know the scene. You are very a busy person, running here, there and everywhere. It is not unusual for you to grab a quick meal over the kitchen sink, while driving in the car, sitting in front of the TV or as you are walking down the hall to your next meeting. Been there, done that, right?

Now, imagine that you have moved into a congregate living environment and are living with dementia. Your routine of being a busy adult remains fresh in your mind. You are looking to ‘grab and go’ as you head to your next destination just like you always do. What if, in this home, there was no refrigerator you could open or cabinet stocked with your favorite foods? How frustrated would you become? Luckily, you live in a community that embraces person-directed care and they are prepared to meet your needs.

The community is Brookshire House Rehabilitation & Care Community and they have a dementia-friendly menu. What exactly does that mean? At Brookshire House, they do not have a lot of different diets that they cater to any more. In fact, they have liberalized all the diets. They offer a lot of choices including many readily available finger foods that the Elders can ‘grab and go.’ They honor each Elder’s food preferences. If it’s not on the menu, or sitting on the counter, they’ll make sure it is available quickly. When it is time to sit down and enjoy the meal, they use dark plates for those Elders who have vision issues. There also offer adaptive utensils and a variety of textures of foods.

The team at Brookshire House Rehabilitation & Care Community prides themselves on catering to the need for Elders living with dementia being able to eat when they want and what they want. What ideas have you put in place to shift your perspective on dining, supporting the need to ‘grab and go?’

Click here for more information about the New Dining Standards created by the Pioneer Network and the Rothschild Foundation.

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