Eden Alternative Train the Educator Intensives Kick Off New Educator Pathway

April 06, 2012
Meredith Martin, The Eden Alternative

The Eden Alternative is excited to introduce a new development pathway for Eden Educators with an open invitation to participate in our 2012 Train the Educator Intensives. It is our desire to seek people that have the qualifications, skills, and the heart to help people see and experience a life worth living.  Eden Educators are the local and regional representatives of The Eden Alternative. They build relationships and draw their community into the mission of eliminating loneliness, helplessness and boredom.  If you would like to join a network of Educators that are working to change the world, here is your invitation!

An Eden Educator is an independent contractor who contracts with The Eden Alternative, Inc. to facilitate Certified Eden Associate Training, Eden at Home Trainer Certification, and/or other educational offerings from The Eden Alternative.  The pathway begins by first attending Certified Eden Associate Training and gaining experience with the Eden Alternative Philosophy.  If you are interested, your first step is to review the Certified Eden Educator qualifications and determine if you would like to proceed. Fill out an application and, after it is submitted and reviewed, you will be contacted about your acceptance to attend a Train the Educator Intensive similar to the one hosted by Clermont Park the next week of March 26-30th in Denver, Colorado.

Train the Educator Intensives are scheduled across the US throughout the year. Dates and locations are posted on the Eden Alternative web site.  Attending the Intensive does not guarantee status as an Eden Educator, as part of the experience is to assess the skills that you will learn during the training.  At the end of the 5 days, our Growth Partners will help you develop a personal growth plan. This process involves suggesting ways to grow your skills as an Educator.  This may include partnering with a Certified Eden Educator, attending a Certified Eden Associate Training where you work with one of our Educators, or even a self-paced “learn and grow” plan, if  you and your Growth Partners determine that you need more time before training on your own.

Once you, as an Eden Educator, become comfortable facilitating Certified Eden Associate Training or Eden at Home Trainer Certification, you may be eligible to facilitate other Eden Alternative offerings.  To determine what offerings may be a good fit, Educators simply attend the other trainings, such as Dementia Beyond Drugs  or Leadership Pathways to Culture Change.  Next steps involve submitting an application for the offering in question.  If you meet the specific qualifications  for the offering, the Eden Alternative Home Office approves your choice to facilitate it.  After you purchase the necessary Educator Kit, you are ready to go.

Train the Educator Intensives will also take place during the year for current Eden Educators to experience and add multiple Eden Alternative offerings to their repertoire.  These “variety pack” intensives involve 5 days of focusing on learning how to deliver specific offerings, such as   GROWTH: Six Steps to Implementing Change, Embracing Elderhood Guide Certification or Reframing Dementia courses. These are opportunities for Educators to grow personally and bring new knowledge back into their organizations to encourage growth for all.  The State of Tennessee will host the next “Variety Pack” intensive in December 2012.


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