Eden Alternative’s Presence Felt at AHCA Conference in Tampa

October 13, 2012
Chris Perna, The Eden Alternative Blog

One of the ways we are getting exposure for The Eden Alternative these days is by exhibiting and speaking at industry events like the recent AHCA Annual Conference in Tampa, Fl.

In Tampa Nancy Fox and I partnered on an educational session where we talked to more than 100 people about our new Neighborhood Guide Curriculum and how to use neighborhood teams as an organizational design strategy to position for future success.  We stressed that by creating an environment where empowered neighborhood teams working with a neighborhood guide can thrive, leaders can break away from the traditional hierarchical, institutional model of long term care and maximize the potential of their people and their organization. Nods around the room showed that our message resonated with the audience.

Dr. Bill Thomas, Dr. Al Power, and several other members of the Eden Alternative family also had sessions where they spoke to large groups of eager listeners about a wide variety of topics. In classic Bill Thomas fashion, his group was asked to “quiet down” so as not to disturb the group in the next room!

We had dozens of people stop by our exhibit booth to hear about all of the new things happening at Eden Alternative. We saw a lot of interest in our new Dementia Beyond Drugs training, Neighborhood Guide training, and the very successful Paradigm Buster Webinar Series. We also had a number of our Eden friends stop by our booth to just say hello, which is always welcome.

We will continue to do these events to spread the word about the exciting things we are doing. If you were in Tampa, I hope you were able to check us out. If so, please give us some feedback and tell us what you think about our booth and our educational sessions, so we can be even better at the next event.


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