Eden-Registered Elim Rehab in ND Undergoes $7 Million Renovation

November 09, 2011
Kavan Peterson, Editor, ChangingAging.org

The Forum in North Dakota reports that Eden registered Elim Care Center in Fargo broke ground this week in a major $7 million renovation and expansion of their facility that will create 20 private single-occupancy rooms and make rehabilitation services more accessible and person-centered.

Elim Rehab has been a strong advocate for culture change and renewed their Eden Registry in 2010. Elim has worked hard to create warmth and spontaneity in their home by welcoming pets and opening a children’s center which provides care for children age two up to school age. The children do joint activities and visit with the elders. Elim’s director of marketing, Joyce Eisenbraun, told The Forum:

“We have a lot of pets within our facility. We have an on-site children’s center because we think the intergenerational activity is very key to people living a normal life,” Eisenbraun said.

“When you have pets and kids around, suddenly things are going on,” she added.

Elim also has worked to create Human Habitat Teams to guide their Eden journey. Fostering teams to develop “human habitats” is an important step in the Eden journey to help eliminate the institutional feel of a traditional skilled nursing facility. Elim has created a Go Green Team focused on recycling, a Prayer Team offering spiritual support, pet teams for dogs, cats, birds and small animals, a Plant Team, First Impressions Team, a SOAR Team that does fundraising, and a Scrapbooking Team.

At Elim, breakfast is available whenever Elders awaken in the morning and there are lots of food choices and all decisions are moved as close to the Elders as possible.

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