Elders Raise Over $18,000 For Addie’s Army

November 19, 2013
Angie Mcallister, ChangingAging Contributor

“This made us see we can accomplish anything we want to”, said Lisa Shaheen, an Elder living at Signature HealthCare At Sunrise Manor, located in Hodgenville, Ky. Lisa was speaking excitedly about the latest endeavor of herself and friends residing in the home.

In September, an Elder living at Sunrise Manor announced that her great granddaughter, Addie had been diagnosed with Leukemia. The Elders living in the home knew immediately they wanted to help. After much discussion, they elected to form a fundraising group to raise money for Addie to assist with medical expenses.

Sally Rineker, Quality of Life Director, at Sunrise Manor recounts the story below:

During the first meeting the Elders came up with having an Autumn Fest to raise money for Addie’s Army complete with vendors and a live auction. The Elders sprung into action immediately by making phone calls to volunteers, business and churches to donate items for the event. Soon people were posting the event to Facebook, writing about it in our local newspaper, and people were calling us to see how they could participate!”

It was amazing to witness the Elders have such drive, passion, meaning and purpose in their lives. Their efforts paid off in a big way! Our last tally was $18,373.50 and growing still!

The committee has already started planning their next event. Phyllis Milford, an Elder living with us, said “Who knows? We may even start feeding the hungry soon!”

I am simply blown away by the Elder’s vision and determination to raise funds for this little girl. There are so many Eden Alternative Principles in “action” here. First the Care Partners in the home who demonstrated wise leadership (Principle 10) in knowing that the Elders not only wanted to give back to the community but needed to (Principle 4). The relationships that were formed inside the home itself between the Elders and Care Partners are priceless and demonstrate the amazing ability to create a true Human Habitat (Principle 2). The companionship that was formed and the support of the community deflated the loneliness that most Elders living in nursing homes experience in their day to day lives (Principles 1 & 3)! And last but not least, this experience provided the Elders with the opportunity to take part in something meaningful (Principle 6).

All in all, I’ve learned something from this inspiring story. As Lisa said, we can really accomplish anything we want in this life. It’s all about looking at ourselves differently and not setting limitations on our lives so we can reach our “big” dreams.  And Phyllis, I certainly hope you decide to feed the hungry, as I can’t wait to see the impact you will have on your community.

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