Elders Share Artistic Talents at the 2012 Eden Alternative International Conference

May 11, 2012
Laura Beck, The Eden Alternative

At the 2012 Eden Alternative International Conference, Elders have the opportunity to share their artistic flair by participating in a silent auction of Elder art.  This is the second time the International Conference has featured this event.  In 2010, Alice Bissell, a resident of  Jackson County Medical Care Facility, an Eden Registry Member in Jackson, MI, contributed artwork to the silent auction.  Bissell passed away in 2011, but her memory lives on in one of her beautiful paintings purchased by Eden Mentor Sandra Place at the auction.

Artwork by auction participant Alice Bissell

“Alice was so honored to contribute to improving quality of care and quality of life for Elders everywhere,” says Place about Bissell’s impressions of the art auction. Bissell’s painting was one of over 25 pieces auctioned at the 2010 conference. Proceeds from the silent auction support further development of education focused on sharing the Eden Alternative Philosophy with the entire continuum of care.

“The Silent Auction of Elder Art is an opportunity to reflect on the power of legacy and the gifts that Elders have to offer us.  Art is also a powerful medium for self-expression, and it offers us a glimpse of who these Elders are, that perhaps they don’t often have the opportunity to share,“ says Eden Alternative CEO, Chris Perna.

If you or someone you know is still interested in contributing artwork to the Silent Auction, please contact:  Rebecca Barr, Silent Art Auction Chairperson, 231.258.3031 or rbarr1@mhc.net.  All submissions are tax deductible.

For additional information about the event, click here.

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