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eden-alternative-academy-rgb-72dpiA peer-to-peer learning experience, the Eden Alternative Academy is an affordable, ONLINE educational forum facilitated by seasoned culture change leaders who have successfully implemented person-directed care in their organizations.

The Eden Alternative Academy is your next step for the culture change journey. Are you one of our Associates? Or a champion of culture change in general? Enroll in the Eden Alternative Academy to share ideas, learn new approaches, and enhance your toolkit!  A team of 2 or more from your organization are welcome to enroll.  Consider all care partners as potential students (employees, family members, and the Elders themselves).

Here’s how the Academy works…

  • Students enroll for a 4-8 week semester course of their choice;
  • Each week highlights a specific focus that supports the overall course theme;
  • Each week features stories and wisdom from all participants, deepening learning potential;
  • Takeaways include practical tools and resources that turn theory into practice; and
  • Students apply what they learn in between online sessions through weekly “growth work.”

Click here to listen to a webinar about the Eden Alternative Academy

Attendees can register to receive continuing education credits for the semester. All semester courses will be archived and available for purchase after a semester course concludes (CEUs are only available for participation in the live event).

Benefits of Academy enrollment include…

Personal Transformation:

  • Increased well-being and engagement of all care partners (Elders, leaders, employees, family members, etc.);
  • Rejuvenated spirits for the champions of change who lead the transformation;
  • Stronger skill set for culture change champions to drive and sustain change efforts;
  • Alignment of care partners across the organization;
  • Empowered care partners that can be their best, every day; and
  • Adaptable care partners, able to respond to changing needs due to strong relationships.

Environmental Transformation:

  • Creating home, physically, spiritually, and emotionally;
  • Creating a Caring Community with a family-by-affection atmosphere;
  • A transformative culture where all care partners can experience growth;
  • Creative solutions to bust barriers and overcome challenges; and
  • Germinating passion and commitment, even in frosty times.

Organizational Transformation:

  • Improved organizational well-being as care partner satisfaction and ownership increases;
  • Better quality of life and quality of care for the Elders accepting support;
  • Stronger leadership bench for future sustainability;
  • Increase employee satisfaction and retention; and,
  • Increase revenue and exceed regulatory expectations.