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Now you can purchase ON-DEMAND versions of each Academy Semester after the fact!

A peer-to-peer learning experience, the Eden Alternative Academy is an ONLINE educational forum facilitated by seasoned culture change leaders who have successfully implemented person-directed care in their organizations. The Eden Alternative Academy is your next step for the culture change journey. Are you one of our Associates? Or a champion of culture change in general? Utilize the Eden Alternative Academy to share ideas, learn new approaches, and enhance your toolkit!  Consider all care partners as potential students (employees, family members, and the Elders themselves).

When you purchase an ON-DEMAND Eden Alternative Academy Semester, your fee covers the following:
  • The option to pack your room with as many people as possible, stretching your purchase dollars; and
  • Access to the ON-DEMAND semester webinar recordings (both video and audio) that you may use again and again for up to one year – making it possible to educate even more people over time, stretching that registration fee even further.
Click on any one of the following Academy Semesters to learn more and purchase a semester of your choice:

Semester #1: Renewed & Refreshed: Strengthening the Foundation for Culture Change Champions

Semester #2: Wise Leadership

Semester #3: Well-Being: The Core of Life

Semester #4:  Can We Talk? Communication:  The Key to Person-Directed Care

Semester #5: From Eating to Dining: An Opportunity to Advance Culture Change

Semester #6: Finding Eden in Behavioral Health