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The Eden Alternative journey has opened our eyes, minds and hearts toward the elimination of ageism and ableism. Along this path, we have shifted the paradigm to view Elders in a whole new way. This semester of the Eden Alternative Academy seeks to expand that paradigm shift to include those living with mental illness, struggling with substance abuse, and experiencing homelessness. Long-term care communities, as well as in-home service providers, are being asked increasingly to care for individuals living with behavioral health challenges. Reaching beyond clinical and diagnostic perspectives alone, the purpose of this semester is to facilitate an understanding of how we can create meaningful care partnerships in behavioral health by applying the Eden Alternative Ten Principles and the Eden Alternative Domains of Well-Being SM. Through this frame of reference, teams will be better prepared to facilitate the development of a supportive, trauma-informed, Elder-centered behavioral health environment.

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When you purchase an ON-DEMAND Eden Alternative Academy Semester, your fee covers the following:

  • You have the option to pack your room with as many people as possible, stretching your dollars as far as you choose. 
  • Access to the ON-DEMAND semester webinar recordings (both video and audio) that you may use again and again for up to one year – making it possible to educate even more people over time, stretching that registration fee even further.


By the end of this semester, the participants will be able to…

  • Identify 2 types of mental health challenges Elders may face.
  • Describe 2 ways that The Eden Alternative applies to those living with behavioral health challenges.
  • Name 2 ways The Eden Alternative can work in tandem with integrative wellness tools to create non-pharmacological interventions that increase overall well-being and reduce psychotropic medications.
  • List 2 opportunities for creating a more trauma-informed and supportive behavioral health environment.

Your Semester Faculty:

Hope Carwile, LCSW, has worked in long-term care for over a decade, is an LCSW, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, a Certified Eden Alternative Associate and Educator. Her current position is as an Innovation Specialist with Vivage Senior Living. Hope is a part of several teams helping to improve the quality of living, dying and death, for some of Colorado states most vulnerable, these teams actively work on integrative wellness support, person centered/ directed care, and behavioral health for residents and staff. Hope completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in June of 2018, and is working on incorporating Trauma Informed Care and Mindful Movement into daily activities in long-term care settings. Her passions and goals align with the Eden Alternative Ten Principles, and she is honored to have the ongoing opportunity to be both the teacher and the student.

Rebecca Hubbard, BA, has explored various roles over her 14 years in Eldercare. She loves being a social worker and educator the most, because of the opportunities they provide to help people find meaning and purpose. She has spent the past 4 years working with post-acute communities that support individuals living with psychological and cognitive differences and experiencing challenges such as substance dependence and homelessness. She is a mother to 3 young children, who present her with her greatest challenges and therefore serve as her greatest teachers.