Well-Being and the Art of Employee Retention

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Tuesdays, September 10 – November 12, 2019, 2-3:00 pm ET (1 CT, Noon MT, 11 am PT)

We expect employees to take care of everyone else’s well-being, but who is taking care of theirs? How can formal and informal leaders create an environment where there is work/life harmony and every individual experiences well-being? The seventh semester of the Eden Alternative Academy focuses on the employee’s journey and how to strengthen and grow well-being from the day they apply for a job and throughout their employment. Focusing on relationships and the seven Eden Alternative Domains of Well-BeingSM (identity, connectedness, security, autonomy, meaning, growth, and joy) strengthens employee recruitment and retention. When we create an environment that helps employees know how much leaders care about them, it encourages them to take care of themselves. Leaders provide the space and time for reflection to enhance the employee’s ability to heal and be well. This process strengthens their resilience and increases their ability to be empathetic and compassionate. This semester will provide tools, resources, creative and actionable ideas that will shift your mindset as you support employees on their journey with you. This semester course consists of ten, 1-hour webinar events, plus a bonus re-connection session in December. This semester is all about you and your journey as an employee, leader, manager or supervisor. We hope you will join us as we explore the following together:

Week 1: Well-Being as the Foundation

Week 2: Employee Application and Interview Day

Week 3: Welcoming and Orientation Day

Week 4: Officially Joining Their Co-Workers Day

Week 5: First Few Months

Week 6: Do I Want to Stay Here? Day

Week 7: Year One

Week 8: Promotion Day

Week 9: Exiting Day

Week 10: Bringing it All Together and Moving Forward

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$50 per person
$199 group rate (4 or more)

Additional $25 per person for CEUs (This program has been submitted, but not yet approved, for Continuing Education for 10 total participant hours from NAB/NCERS. Call Meredith Martin, 585-461-3951 x 3051 for further information.)