Certified Eden Associate Training for Eden Lifelong Living

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CEAT-LL-stackedChanging lives for over 20 years, Certified Eden Associate Training takes you on an inspiring and challenging 3-day journey into the world of person-directed care. This version of Certified Eden Associate Training is customized for Eden Lifelong Living, an initiative focused on transforming living environments for individuals of any age living with cognitive, developmental, psychological, and physical challenges. While society tends to describe the needs of these individuals in terms of “disability,” the Eden Alternative Philosophy builds on strengths. This principle-based philosophy focuses on the unique ways our “different abilities” hold the promise of possibility and what we each have to offer our communities.

Through our Ten Principle approach, participants gain practical tools, resources, and wisdom that empower individuals and teams to initiate and maintain effective change.

Participants will:

  • Explore the person-directed care movement for those living with different abilities;
  • Return equipped and inspired to initiate change for the better and enhance well-being for all;
  • Gain powerful team-building skills to strengthen care partnerships in your organization;
  • Connect to a broad network of person-directed care resources worldwide; and
  • Contribute to reframing the culture of care and perceptions of living with different abilities.

Who should attend?

  • Leaders from organizations seeking to grow empowered teams and transform their culture;
  • Representatives of organizations interested in initiating a culture change journey; and
  • Policymakers and advocates interested in learning more about person-directed care.