Certified Eden Associate Training

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Changing lives for over 25 years, Certified Eden Associate Training is an insightful and challenging 3-day journey into the world of person-directed care. As the most widely practiced, comprehensive approach to person-directed care, Certified Eden Associate Training has been proven to offer practical tools, resources, and inspiration that empower individuals and teams to initiate and sustain meaningful change over time.

Through our Ten Principle approach to person-directed care, participants will:

  • Understand the WHAT, WHY, and HOW of the person-directed care movement
  • Learn how person-directed care improves quality of life and quality of care
  • Exceed new regulatory expectations for care that puts the person first
  • Help reframe the culture of care and transform perceptions of aging in our society
  • Leave class equipped and inspired to initiate change
  • Increase satisfaction for Elders, family members, and employees
  • Gain powerful team-building skills that strengthen care partnerships
  • Drive more impactful outcomes, more efficiently
  • Help reduce staff turnover and improve financial performance
  • Create high engagement among Elders, family members, and employees
  • Explore innovative strategies that support empowerment, purpose, and growth for all

From the convenience of your computer, Certified Eden Associate Training Online offers the same practical tools, resources, and inspiration as our classic on-site training described above.