Eden Alternative Neighborhood Guide Training

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Eden Alternative Neighborhood Guide Training

Tired of needing to have all the answers? Self directed work teams are the solution.

The traditional, top-down hierarchy and departmental approach to care has diminished performance, crushed creativity, and eroded employee engagement. By adopting a new model based on empowered neighborhood teams, organizational performance can be optimized to address everyday challenges, such as improving quality of care and quality of life for Elders, being able to do more with less, meeting and exceeding regulatory requirements, and successfully competing for competent and experience employees.

This 5-day learning experience* offers a proven 30-module team development process to help managers shift into a new role as a Neighborhood Guide.  A Neighborhood Guide serves their team as coach, trainer, barrier buster, Elder advocate, and facilitator of team development.

Self-directed work teams achieve the following outcomes:

  • Increased organizational efficiency, effectiveness, and flexibility;
  • Redefined roles for formal leaders (managers to Neighborhood Guides);
  • Development of cross-functional, self-directed employee teams;
  • Consistent processes and quality improvement techniques;
  • Better quality of care and quality of life;
  • Higher satisfaction for Elders, their families, and employees;
  • Reduced employee turnover and absenteeism;
  • Best practices that drive sustained implementation of person-directed care.

*Neighborhood Guide Training has been created, tested, and licensed by Vivage Quality Health Partners.