Embracing Elderhood Guide Certification

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Creating Meaningful Intergenerational Partnerships

This 2-day training offers participants, called Embracing Elderhood Guides, the tools and resources to coordinate the development of meaningful intergenerational partnerships through the experience of creating an Elder’s legacy. A legacy is part-life story and part-gift to the world, in the form of whatever the Elder wants to share with younger generations. Through the scope of the Eden Alternative Ten Principles, Embracing Elderhood Guides are empowered to train volunteer Recording Partners, ages 16 and older, in person-directed techniques that support the development of rich and engaging relationships with their Elder Storytellers.

Embracing Elderhood:

  • Re-defines aging and deepens relationships through the creation of an Elder legacy;
  • Includes thoughtfully-crafted online legacy template from LifeBio; and
  • Weaves Elders back into the social fabric of their communities, wherever they live.