GROWTH: Six Steps to Implementing Change

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Set Up Your Performance Improvement Goals for Success…
Any successful quality improvement effort requires empowered teams with a clear vision of how to achieve their desired outcomes. Each goal requires a logical plan of action that actively engages all members of the care partner team and keeps your vision on track through each stage of its development. The GROWTH Model is a six-step process for thinking through performance improvement efforts. It frames a discussion that puts everyone on the same page, prepared to resolve quality issues, push change forward, and hardwire it into place. This 2-day course shows you how!

G = Get Real

R = Reach Out

O = Open Up and Dream

W = Work Up a Plan

T = Take Action

H = Hold Steady and Reach Further

GROWTH Offers Teams:

  • A simple model based on guiding questions;
  • Techniques for facing the unique challenges of implementing change in Eldercare settings;
  • Practical tools for guiding others through improvement processes; and
  • A user-friendly framework for action planning that supports lasting change.