Leadership Pathways to Culture Change

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Transform How We Live and How Care for Each Other…

Creating a culture of care that puts the person first requires strong leaders who are equipped and prepared to lead the journey. Leadership is a skill set, just as management is. Based on Principle Ten of The Eden Alternative®, this intensive 2-day training will explore and integrate ten leadership pathways that enable leaders to grow personally, as well as influence others to join them in transforming the culture of care for the Elders they serve. Through the ten pathways, participants explore self-awareness, personal growth, communication, empowerment, mission and vision development, and expecting the best in others.

Participants will:

  • • Explore ten pathways promoting leadership development;
    • Identify their own personal strengths and opportunities to grow as leaders;
    • Practice tools and processes that promote high engagement in change efforts;
    • Develop personal action plans designed to put the ten pathways into practice when they return to work; and
    • Leave with tools and information focused on helping all care partners (employees, Elders, and family members) to cultivate their inner leader.