Leadership: Using the Science to Elevate the Art

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Deepen Transformation and Make It Last…

Wise leaders need innovative systems and practices to transform organizational culture, making care that puts the person first a daily reality. Drawing from the science of leadership and evidence-based research, this 2-day training helps you elevate the art of your own leadership. This cutting-edge course draws upon the insights and experiences of thought leader Nancy Fox and her 30-plus years of studying and living person-centered/person-directed practices.

Attending this training will help leaders adopt new beliefs, assumptions and practices that engage everyone in creating a culture of care that strengthens well-being for all care partners – employees, Elders, and their family members.

Participants will:

  • Explore human behavior from a brain science perspective;
  • Appreciate and understand diverse perspectives across the care partner team;
  • Redefine accountability;
  • Identify ways to move beyond the limitations of scarcity thinking;
  • Learn how to implement keystone habits that shift organizational culture;
  • Analyze the role of trust, motivation, and empowerment in developing high-performing teams; and
  • Leave with practical tools and strategies that put learning into action.