Less is More: Well-Being Before the Med Cart

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Research consistently reveals the ill effects of medication overuse, especially the prescribing cascade that occurs as new medications are added to treat side effects of another medication being taken. By blending medication optimization with person-directed approaches to care, providers can more effectively assess the risks, burdens, and benefits for the individual.

Reduce antipsychotics. Eliminate unnecessary medications. Change lives.

Through 12 interactive, webinar-based learning sessions and guided, hands-on application of techniques between sessions, 10 organizational teams of four* will:

  • Acquire skills that support optimizing individualized medication and supplement use;
  • Identify ways to improve medication systems to achieve sustainability; and
  • Develop their own performance improvement project (PIP) plan to drive change.

* Teams of 4 should include some combination of DONs; nurses; nurse practitioners; clinical social workers; in-house physicians, pharmacists, or physical therapists.

Our pilot project for Less is More had these results to share…

  • 16% reduction in the average number of scheduled medications per individual per day.
  • 39% reduction in the average amount of time spent each day administering medications.
  • 40% reduction in those people receiving psychotropics, antidepressants, and anxiolytics.