Reframing Dementia

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Available as a DIY Education Kit, this 1-day learning experience focuses solely on the art of building meaningful relationships with individuals living with dementia. By reframing perceptions of dementia and focusing on observation, communication, and the interpersonal skills needed to identify the unmet needs of people living with dementia, Reframing Dementia prepares employees, family members, volunteers, and other Elders to respond effectively to challenging interactions with awareness, presence, and compassion.

Participants will…

  • See dementia and those living with it through different eyes;
  • Experience the impact of ageism and ableism on individuals living with dementia;
  • Understand how sensitivity, observation, and curiosity impact dementia care;
  • Explore what individuals who live with dementia have to offer us;
  • Learn how to deepen responsiveness to the needs of those living with dementia;
  • Leave with practical, everyday skills for enhancing quality of life; and
  • Gain practical approaches to relieving loneliness, helplessness, and boredom that draw on developing deep connections with people living with dementia.

When surveyed, participants of Reframing Dementia training…

  • Experienced an 18% average shift toward person-directed perceptions of dementia care after only one day of training; and
  • Confirmed, through a 95% affirmative response rate, that they would continue to use the Reframing Dementia DIY Education Kit to train staff.