Leveraging Leadership to Drive Sustainable Change

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A Texas-based grant project focused on buildingLeveraging-Leadership strong leadership skills designed for driving successful implementation of person-directed care…

Successful person-directed care, and the culture change it involves, depends on strong leadership as its most essential ingredient. We are seeking 400 inspired, passionate leaders from 100 Texas long-term care communities. An exciting new grant project is coming to Texas that will support the goals of the state’s Commitment to Care initiative. This project will help you:

  • Build a leadership toolkit to drive positive change in your organization;
  • Experience cutting edge training at minimal cost to you or your organization;
  • Access peer networks with opportunities to share best practices;
  • Gain insight and strategies from seasoned leaders and culture change experts; and
  • Create a sustainable leadership legacy within the organization.

Through CMP funds from the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services, The Eden Alternative is facilitating a 2-year project in Texas designed to provide long-term care leaders with the skills and tools they need to successfully transform their organizational culture.

With strong leadership, motivation and commitment rise exponentially. Teams develop the ability and flexibility to tackle complex challenges with creativity and confidence. And perhaps most importantly, strong leaders learn to grow other leaders.

For this grant-funded project, 100 long-term care communities will enroll 4 individuals each (for a total of 400 participants) in a comprehensive educational experience. The 4 participants will be formal leaders in their organization, ideally the Administrator, the Director of Nursing, the Director of Social Work, and Life Enrichment Director, who commit to:

  • Completing 3 unique educational experiences that build on each other experientially;
  • Participating in a coaching process with professional consultants skilled in supporting successful organizational change in long-term care;
  • Actively applying what they have learned back in their organizations; and
  • Participating in all aspects of a comprehensive evaluation process.

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