Your 2020 Conference Plan Ahead Guide

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You have until April 2020 to plan for your trip to the 2020 Eden Alternative International Conference!

Here are some things to consider as you plan who will go and how…

Step #1: Create a vision for your conference presence

Engage all care partners (employees, Elders and their family members) in conversations about how you want to represent your organization at the conference. How many people can go? Who should go? How can we send a team that will make the most of the conference experience? Consider the following:

  • Think about sending an interdisciplinary team. Who are your natural leaders, regardless of role, that will be excited to come back and share what they learned?
  • Engage and register Elders and/or family members in the conference experience. We love having Elders and family members attend our conference! They are a vital voice in the culture change movement.

There are a wide range of conference fee options. Make sure you review those options here.

Step #2: Raise some bucks for conference going fees

Fundraising can actually be a lot of fun for your teams! Consider these potential steps:

  • Meet with employees, Elders, and family members and brainstorming creative fundraising ideas for conference planning.
  • Build on your strengths! What unique talents and skills can you leverage in your organization to create a unique fundraising idea?
  • Ask the Elders to take the lead! This is an awesome opportunity to engage the wisdom of the Elders and see what brilliant fundraising angles they dream up.
  • Empower your Family Council (or any equivalent) to create a conference fundraising plan.
  • Whatever you do… make it an opportunity to build community, deepen relationships, and create a sense of shared purpose!

Step #3: Sleuth out the best airfare options

Need to stretch your dollars to bring your vision to life? Time your plane ticket purchases wisely to save money. Consider checking out Google Flights, a cheap airfare finder to cut down on your flight costs. Click here for hot tips for saving on flight costs.