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To see a listing of current ON-DEMAND Feature Webinars, please go to the Eden Alternative Online Store.

The Eden Alternative is committed to helping people maximize their educational opportunities.  An ON-DEMAND webinar (short for Web-based seminar) is a user-friendly, online format available as a recording of one of our Feature Webinars that delivers both audio/visual content directly to your desk.

Your purchase of an ON-DEMAND selection offers the equivalent of purchasing the live event, with the exception of having the opportunity to ask the presenter questions.  You have the opportunity to play back the event multiple times for multiple people, if you wish, for up to one year.

In your purchase confirmation information, you will be provided with a link to the recording you chose.  Please visit our store to find our feature webinars for sale.

Dementia Beyond Drugs - The Paradigm Shift

Dementia Beyond Drugs – The Paradigm Shift

In the first of a three-part webinar series, Dr. Allen Power, award-winning author of Dementia Beyond Drugs, will focus on a new view of dementia, described as the “experiential model,” and contrast it with the traditional biomedical perspective. Real-world examples

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The How of Change: What You Do Matters

It’s not just what you do, it’s how you do it. Change is always most effective when everyone who will be affected by the change has a part in shaping it. Learn how to achieve a high level of staff

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Practices in Staff Stability: What You Do Matters

Make sure your resources are working for you. Learn how to use quality improvement processes for staff stability, the foundation for high quality individualized care. This webinar presents a case study of one nursing home’s journey from instability and contention

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Leadership: What You Do Matters

People matter most. This session presents an approach to leadership that offers proven, practical strategies participants can immediately implement to achieve staff stability, trigger a boost in employee morale and catalyze person-directed care.   The actions of leaders play a significant role in

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Creating Home: Two Different Journeys in Household Development

Creating home is a highly individual experience, and the development of smaller living environments in the form of households is no different. Join two leaders who have successfully accomplished the transition from institution to households via two very different journeys.

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Moving from Department to Team

For lasting change to occur, we must develop cross-functional, cross-departmental empowered teams to successfully redesign the culture of our organizations. Through a grant from the Colorado Culture Change Accountability Board, Piñon Management undertook a year-long project within five of their

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Surplus Safety: When Can Safety Harm Us?

In long term care, there is no accounting for Upside Risk. There would never be a newspaper headline stating in shocked tones, “PEOPLE PREVENTED FROM GROWING!”, and yet, this is what happens every day in a system focused entirely on

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MDS 3.0 and the QIS Process: Implications for Culture Change and Your Eden Alternative Journey

The new MDS 3.0 focuses on identifying Elders’ “voice and choice.”  The implications are significant for culture change, as these revisions challenge organizations not yet committed to change to take the leap.  Join us to connect the dots between these

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