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August 22, 2011
Kavan Peterson, Editor, ChangingAging.org

Alternative Approaches to Care and Well-Being: Two Success Stories

Alternative therapies and approaches to care can significantly enhance person-directed care practices. Those committed to shifting the culture of care understand the importance of quality of life and maximizing one’s potential for well-being across the continuum of care.

From a regulatory perspective, F tag 329 states that two non-pharmacologic methods must be tried before using psychotropic medications. This webinar will feature two examples of cutting-edge, holistic solutions that provide results and well-being for Elders and their care partners.

Cynthia Loving, CCA, LMBT of Scents-ible Solutions will share success stories involving the use of aromatherapeutic blends to effectively lower anxiety and aggression, promote sleep, stimulate appetite, lower physical and emotional pain, and/or stimulate memory for Elders, as well as discuss blends designed to assist the needs of their care partners. As a specialist in Therapeutic Touch, Evy Cugelman, RN, will share stories based on the successful application of this research-based modality, which is taught in both medical and nursing programs across the country. Developed in the 1970’s and based on ancient healing practices, Therapeutic Touch has been documented to effect profound relaxation within 2 -3 minutes, offer pain relief, and promote healing.

Evy Cugelman, RN is a clinician, therapist and educator presently working in Long Term Care as a Culture Change Specialist for Piñon Management in Denver, CO. She is a recognized Therapeutic Touch Teacher with Nurse Healers Professional Associates (NH-PAI) International, and has been studying complementary therapies and integrative healing since 1975.

Cynthia Loving is owner of LovingSense Aromatherapy, LLC, an international instructor in Clinical Aromatherapy. She recently acquired Scents-ible Solutions, an Aromatherapy program designed to address some of the needs of many Elders. She also teaches Clinical Aromatherapy Certification and serves as a consultant to businesses, educators, health care providers, and individuals.

Dementia Beyond Drugs: A Culture Change Perspective

The first of a three-part webinar series featuring Dr. Al Power and his award-winning book, Dementia Beyond Drugs began on August 10, 2011. It is not too late to join the series. Each webinar will focus on a specific aspect of Dr. Power’s work with the “experiential model” of dementia care.

In the second of a three-part webinar series, Wednesday, September 28th, 3:00 p.m. ET, Dr. Power will focus on the transformative aspects of culture change, as they apply to the experiential model of dementia. Topics will include how certain aspects of the physical environment impact individuals living with dementia; specific organizational and operational changes that support the experiential model and promote empowerment and choice; and personal transformation, in terms of our interactions with individuals living with dementia.

Dementia Beyond Drugs: Decoding Distress

In the third of a three-part webinar series, Wednesday, October 19th, 3:00 p.m. ET, Dr. Power will focus on how the experiential model of dementia can inform how we decode distress and identify unmet needs in individuals living with dementia. Topics will include the distinctionbetween medical, environmental, and experiential audits; strategies for decoding distress; being present and self-centering, as the key to diffusing stressful interactions; and addressing anger and aggression.

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