Giving Community, Connection, and Control Back to the Elders – Welcome Prairie Eldercare to the Eden Registry

February 09, 2018
Suzette Molina

Prairie Elder Homes in Overland Park, KS, joined the Eden Registry in January 30, 2018.  Prairie Elder Homes are small residential homes that are purposefully located in residential neighborhoods. The setting is intimate with only eight residents and employee care partners that work together each day to create home — a home where they build trusting relationships with family and each other. They pay attention to and care about the details, preferred routines, and lifestyle of each individual Elder.

Prairie Elder Care is founded on the commitment of providing a life worth living for people living with dementia. Through their small homes and hands-on approach, they work hard to provide the highest quality of care. Not only do they provide great care, they focus on each Elder’s strengths to create a daily routine that provides engagement and purpose. Meals are served family style at the dining room table. It is a great time of day for connection and lively conversations. Every home integrates sensory experiences into the daily lives of the Elders, and they are always thinking about ways to meet the unmet needs of those who may be agitated or restless or those who may be  withdrawn.

Daily life focuses on creating positive feelings of accomplishment. Attention is devoted to living out their Mission to give Community, Connection and Control back to the residents. Ultimately, that starts with engagement and proactively meeting their needs. They take the time to learn the history and stories of each of the Elders and their families, creating a sense of community that benefits everyone.  Contact them to schedule a visit, so that you can experience what it means to be home.

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