Got Talent? Bring It, Baby…

April 27, 2016
Laura Beck, The Eden Alternative

It’s the same story for every Eden Alternative International Conference.  We are days away, and there are just a few submissions for the notorious Eden’s Got Talent event.  Yet, every year the show ends up being a total delight, complete with Jack York as emcee (say no more, right?).  While last minute submissions are always welcome, it certainly helps our event sponsor It’s Never 2 Late to hear from folks ahead of time.  Have no fear… the show features acts of all kinds… serious talent, hilarious talent, goofy talent, irreverent talent… you name it, we got it.  So, if you are concerned that what you and yours have to offer is not a fit – guess again, friends.

Eden’s Got Talent is full of surprises.  Take 2012… when a very cool dude no one seemed to know danced and walked away with the first place prize.  Everyone was so impressed by him that others kept pulling him into their acts to amp up their appeal.  Imagine our surprise at the end of the show, when we discovered he wasn’t even a conference attendee, but someone off the street who had caught wind of the cash prizes.

For a whiff of the fun you can expect, check out this video of the 2nd place winners that year...

Intrigued?  Inspired?  Don’t hold back.  Read the simple submission instructions and let’s hear from you now.  Right now.

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