Gratitude Helps Us Grow – Dr. Bill & Jude Thomas’ Gratitude Tour

June 01, 2018
Laura Beck, The Eden Alternative

Dr. Bill and Jude Thomas, Eden Alternative Co-Founders, hit the road along the Atlantic seaboard recently to connect with Elders and others in the spirit of gratitude.  What inspired this journey? A desire to “express gratitude for the Elders we met along the way, and the people whose daily work makes the lives of those Elders better.”

Read all about it in ChangingAging this morning, and then, find an Elder to thank for the gifts of wisdom they have given you.  Thank one of your employee care partners for helping you grow, as well.  Being human is a tender journey.  People of all ages need each other to explore and experience the depth of our humanity, our innate wisdom.

The Eden Alternative defines an Elder as “someone, who by virtue of life experience, is here to teach us how to live.”  By this definition, you needn’t be chronologically older to be an Elder. To see what I mean, watch this video about a wise Elder named Hannah. We are all Elders in the making….

Who are the wise Elders in your life you are grateful for, regardless of their age? Share a comment below about the gifts they’ve offered you that have made a difference in your life.

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Meredith Martin
June 1, 2018 10:08 pm

I had the privilege of growing up living next door to my grandparents. They taught me how to work hard, sew on a button, cook, sucker tomatoes and so much more. I am forever grateful for the impact they have had on my life.


I have just come across the wonderful book written in 1998 by Dr. Thomas Open Hearts Open Minds.


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