Happy 20th Birthday Eden Alternative!

January 13, 2014
Chris Perna, The Eden Alternative Blog

As I sit here, I am musing about whether it even makes sense to wish happy birthday to an organization? Birthdays seem like a uniquely human thing. We celebrate our birthday as a creation of life and a reminder of growth. Can an organization, a corporate entity, something created on paper really be viewed as having a birthday the same way as a human being?

In the case of the Eden Alternative, I think so. It is so much more than an organization, a corporate entity, a piece of paper. It is a living, breathing organism…dynamic, growing, and ever changing.  It has a spirit. Bill and Jude Thomas took a part of themselves 20 years ago and formed it. They cared for it and nurtured it like it was their own flesh and blood, deeply committed to its growth and well-being like any good parents.

Their gentle, guiding touch has brought Eden Alternative to where it is today. Their baby has grown and matured into something bigger that they ever imagined. Instead of size 12 shoes and a great report card, they can brag about their “baby” being a global force for person-directed care and improving the well-being of tens of thousands of elders and their care partners.

They’ve been there to provide support when needed along the way, but have allowed others to be a part of the story.  So many friends have helped to shape Eden Alternative into what it is today. Remember it takes a village! What a birthday party we could have if we could get everyone that has been touched by Eden Alternative together to celebrate!

Fortunately, using technology we can celebrate virtually. So, please join me in wishing a happy 20th birthday to The Eden Alternative by liking this on Facebook and sharing it with all your friends.

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