High Energy at High Altitude

June 25, 2013
Chris Perna, The Eden Alternative Blog


The Colorado Culture Change Coalition ACCORD kicks off on Tuesday morning in Lakewood, Colorado.  Penny Cook and the Coalition team put on a great event. I am looking forward to hanging out with nearly 250 agents of culture change along with many Eden friends here in Colorado.

Colorado, with 22 Eden Registry members, now trails only Michigan in the number of Eden Registry members in a state. The Eden Principles are alive and well represented here. Colorado is also home to one of our strongest partners, Vivage Quality Health Partners, with Nancy Fox as their Chief Life Enhancement Officer, and a great team of Eden Educators and Mentors.

On Tuesday I will be presenting with Nancy talking about the power of self-directed work teams and the impact they can have in transforming an organization to become truly person-directed. Remember that we licensed the Neighborhood Guide Curriculum from Vivage last year to teach organizations how to create self-directed work teams.

If you haven’t already checked it out, you should.

Laura Beck will be sharing the latest about Eden at Home with help from Nancy Freeman of Rocky Mountain Human Services and Murry Mercier of Wind Crest CCRC. Finally, I will be presenting about the role of leaders in the transformation process and exploring Principle 10 in depth.

Throughout the event we will have all of our materials available at our exhibit booth while the attendees walk around sporting Eden Alternative lanyards. So, we will have a major presence here for the next couple of days to continue to build on a very solid foundation in a state that is the home to so many culture change champions.

This is the company I love to keep!

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