October 20, 2022

Implementing The Eden Approach Through Membership

Membership Blog Part 3: Implementing Person-Directed Care with the Eden Navigator

By Patrick Bultema

Thursday October 20, 2022

This is the final of three blogs on the new Eden Membership.  In my last blog, I drilled down on one of the two elements of Eden Membership: “Connecting”.  In this blog, I’ll delve a bit more into the other element of “Implementing” the Eden Approach, and how the new Eden Membership makes it easier and more flexible to put Eden into practice.

A Look Back

As you likely know, the current process of implementing the Eden Approach to person-directed care as been to sign up for the Eden Registry, and work through the Eden Path-to-Mastery and associated Milestones, in the order specified.  While we know many organizations have made great strides forward, we also recognized there was room to improve.  After all, the current approach just didn’t provide the flexibility and ease of implementation that’s needed. That’s why we’ve spent over a year coming up with a better way.  

Building a Custom Path With Eden Tracks & Practices

Simply put, we’ve pulled the Eden Path-to-Mastery apart, into discrete Eden Practices…in fact over 200 of them! Plus, to make it easier to put these Practices into action, we’re providing more guidance for implementation.  That means we have spelled out in far greater detail the key considerations and inputs for each discreet Eden Practice, we’ve mapped the process and workflows, and we’ve identified the outcomes, measures, and a range of targets for each Eden Practice. 

But there is more to how we’ve improved implementing the Eden Approach.  Gone are the days of having to follow an inflexible, sequential methodology to get the value of implementing the Eden Approach.  Instead, now you can choose the Eden Practices best suited for your organization, largely in the order that makes the most sense for you.  Of course, there are some foundational Eden Practices you need in order to get started.  But beyond this short list, you are free to pick and choose.

Organized To Make It Simpler

And to aid in the process of choosing , we’ve scored all of the Eden Practices based on three measures: the “Impact” of the Practice on transforming care; the “Visibility” of the Practice to Elders, their loved ones and staff; and lastly, the level of “Effort” required to implement a Practice.  We’ve pulled out the highest scoring Eden Practices into a shorter list — those that are high impact, high visibility, and not particularly difficult to implement — so you can focus on the biggest bang for your buck Eden Practices.  Over time, we’ll be making the entire list is available for communities that are far along on their Eden journey. What’s more, we have further organized the Eden Practices into Tracks to help categorize them.  We are confident this new approach of the Eden Tracks and Practices will get you better results, with less wasted motion, and faster!  This is just another benefit of being an Eden Member.  

Introducing the Eden Navigator

Finally, we’ve packaged the Eden Tracks and Practices into an online system that further streamlines the process of implementing the Eden Approach called the Eden Navigator. The Eden Navigator is designed to help you manage putting what you have selected into action. And it is included as part of your annual membership fee. This online system also will make it easier for Eden to support you on your journey. And since progress in implementing the Eden Tracks and Practices is a key requirement for Growth or Certified Membership, the Eden Navigator will help you achieve the level of success and recognition you desire as an Eden Member.

If you want even more help, our Eden Services team stands ready to assist your organization.  As an option, you can opt to have a Community Builder providing additional consulting services, at member discounted rates.  Given the benefits of Connecting, with community and content, with the new flexibility of the Eden Tracks and Practices, and with other valuable benefits and discounts, we are confident the new Eden Membership is an extraordinary value and resource.  Why not join now?

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