Introducing Chris Field

December 10, 2019
Laura Beck, The Eden Alternative

Welcome to our first Speaker Spotlight for the 2020 Eden Alternative International Conference!  During early registration, we will post video teasers here and there (see left!) to give you a glimpse of our keynote and summit talk speakers.

Meet Chris Field.  A self-described “disruptor for good”, Chris’ passion is contagious.  There is no better way to capture his commitment to reaching further than his own bio does:

“In life there are Dreamers and there are Doers. Some people, like Chris Field, are blessed to be both. Born in Houston, Texas in 1982, he knew early on that he was different. In grade school he befriended a young man (also named Chris), and kept him from being bullied and harassed. On a trip to visit an uncle in El Paso, his grandmother pointed out that the children just across the border in Mexico had much more difficult lives than he. His response to that became a metaphor for all that he has done since: ‘What if I just tape money to a rock and throw it across to them? Would that help?’, he asked. He has been figuratively throwing stones of disruption ever since. As a college freshmen, Chris ran for mayor of his hometown and finished third out of five candidates. He was encouraged to aim lower by the powers that be, but he aimed high anyway. There is something about stepping out like that. No matter the outcome, it emboldens us and tells us that we can. Chris launched Mercy Project in 2010 to combat child trafficking in Ghana’s fishing industry. To date, Mercy Project has rescued, rehabilitated, and reintegrated more than one hundred children back into their families. Chris is also a featured TEDTalk speaker and the author of the book, Disrupting for Good: Using Passion and Persistence to Create Lasting Change.”

Inspired yet? Chris is scheduled to take the stage for his keynote presentation on the morning of Thursday, April 30th.  Don’t miss it!  Early registration is open until January 31st with no extensions.

Click here for a podcast version of Chris’ Speaker Spotlight.

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Very touching and funny story. In principle, the way it is, you don’t always feel like who you are, especially if you recently had a tooth pulled out from a dentist, haha. That is why it is important to do what you want and think as you want. For some reason, all for equality nonetheless oppress the rights of other people. Wash it is strange, do not find?


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