Introducing Danna Pentes

October 02, 2019
Laura Beck, The Eden Alternative

I have news.  Really good news. Grant funding has made it possible to fund a new position at The Eden Alternative through the first part of 2020.  This news went from good to great when we found Danna Pentes to work closely with me as our new, part-time Communications Associate.  Danna describes herself as a multi-designer. She will grace our team with her skills in video production, sound design (can you say podcasts?), graphics, and the written word.

Danna hails from the Atlanta, Georgia area and shares that she got her “sound chops playing bass for a groundbreaking alternative pop band.” As a member of Fetchin’ Bones, which had three releases on Capitol Records, she toured with the renowned Red Hot Chili Peppers and REM.

Needless to say, we are thrilled to have Danna join us.  And the timing is no mistake. We need more hands on deck. The next eight months are chock full of change and new developments here at The Eden Alternative, which will include the roll-out of a new look and presence for our organization and new ways to engage with us. (Stay tuned!)  In the meantime, here is what Danna had to say when I asked her a few questions about her decision to join our team…

LB: What inspired you most about The Eden Alternative when considering this new position?

DP: The possibility for change has always inspired me.  Having witnessed the effects of care that was not fit to the person, I was hope-filled, when I learned about The Eden Alternative and came across the opening for the communications position. I was inspired by the chance to be part of the solution. Currently, I’m a care partner for my mom who is 85. This is a timely opportunity to change the narrative in our relationship through communicating and implementing the concepts presented by The Eden Alternative.

LB: What is a unique strength you have that you feel aligns with the vision of The Eden Alternative?

DP: For me, open-mindedness creates the space to be teachable. Looking at a situation from every angle imaginable is a skill I try to embrace, while remaining open to each possibility, seen or unseen.

LB: What do you value most as a communicator/multi-designer?

DP: As a communicator, I find the ability to listen and observe valuable skills. As a designer, I take those perceptions and translate them into meaningful work through video, audio, writing, and graphic design.

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Danna, I can’t wait to meet you!! Laura has already told me so many wonderful things about you. Of course, I am somewhat jealous of all the time you get to spend with Laura, just sayin! We just finished six months of on-line training twice a week. Now I’m going cold turkey! Welcome, welcome, welcome!!


Thank you, Mel!


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