February 18, 2022

Introducing Kristi and Julian

Our team is growing at The Eden Alternative...

by Laura Beck, The Eden Alternative®


We kicked off the new year with the addition of two exceptionally talented people to the Eden Alternative Home Office Team. Enter Kristi Doan and Julian Flores. As a new Community Builder, Kristi consults with and supports organizations implementing our approach. Julian serves on our newly formed leadership team as Chief Marketing Officer. In this role, he will spearhead innovative strategies for broadening our reach and deepening our impact.

I had the opportunity to chat with Kristi and Julian about their new adventure. Here’s what they had to share…


LB: What inspires you about The Eden Alternative®?

KD: I have always worked for non-profit organizations, although not on purpose. I am drawn to organizations that align with my values of growth, connectedness, and supporting others. The Eden Alternative approach embodies these and more. 

JF: I am inspired by how universal the Ten Principles of The Eden Alternative® are. They can apply to every person at some point in their lives, and I’m so excited to bring this model to many more communities in the future.


LB: What’s your superpower? Name one strength you look forward to sharing through this new role.

JF: My superpower is taking complex concepts and making them simple. Our work at The Eden Alternative certainly has some complexity and nuance, so I look forward to helping us evolve to make what we do more accessible to more audiences.

KD: My positivity and sense of humor. I’m also good at both seeing how all the small things are interconnected and what the big picture is in each situation. 


LB: What excites you about what’s possible for Eden’s future?

KD: We have a generation of people coming into the later years of their lives, and they do not want the kind of aging situation that their parents were willing to accept or had available. Our ability to partner with technology and expand our reach to include options outside of long-term care settings will help support more lives worth living. I am excited to help create that for my parents and for myself. 

JF: I think we are at a critical crossroads in the aging services industry and at The Eden Alternative’s place in it. I am incredibly excited to see our organization continue to grow as a thought leader driving change in our space.


LB: What random detail would you like us to know about you?

JF: I am an aspiring writer, working on a 3-part sci-fi fiction series!

KD: All my energy is natural, no caffeine added!