May 25, 2022

Introducing Mel

We keep growing at The Eden Alternative...

by Laura Beck, The Eden Alternative®

We are delighted to have another talented and long-standing friend of The Eden Alternative® join our Home Office Team.

Welcome Mel Coppola!  As an Eden Guide/Educator, Mel will facilitate educational experiences and support the ongoing growth of our cadre of  Certified Eden Associates. 

Here's what Mel shared about her new endeavor...

LB: What inspires you about The Eden Alternative®?

MC: I think what inspires me most about Eden is the fact that this approach is a way to live life. It’s not only about eldercare— it’s about caring for all people as fellow human beings.  It's about tapping into our shared humanity and helping each other grow, thrive, and live well through our well-being!


LB: What’s your superpower? Name one strength you look forward to sharing through this new role.

MC: My superpower is a combination of gratitude, optimism, and humor.  For me, gratitude and an upbeat attitude create a belief that life is good, even when things don't appear that way.  And a healthy sense of humor and being able to laugh makes it all the better (plus you get awesome smile wrinkles, not frowny lines).  And even though you didn't ask, my cape would be paisley in bright, happy colors!


LB: What excites you about what’s possible for Eden’s future?

MC: I’m thrilled about Eden’s future.  What’s possible?  Anything and everything we can dream—we can do that!!  We can shift society's view of aging and living with different abilities through our actions, our language, and our educational offerings. I personally dream of the Eden Alternative approach being a part of every family care partner’s toolbox. It’s the ABCs of true care partnering. 


LB: What random detail would you like us to know about you?

MC: It's difficult to pick just one!  If I must pick one, it would be that sometimes, for no apparent reason, I might just start singing a line or two from a song.  Or perhaps speaking with a British accent.  Seems random to anyone around me who doesn't quite know me, but something up in my grey matter connected those dots and I've just got to let it flow!  Oh, and did I mention that I graduated from Clown College?