Join Us in Welcoming Points West Living – Stettler to the Eden Registry

November 30, 2017
Suzette Molina

Points West Living Stettler in Stettler, Alberta, joined the Eden Registry on November 14, 2017.  This beautiful, modern home is located at the west edge of the town of Stettler. This peaceful community is surrounded by Stettler Sports Park on one side, and active farmland on the other. This is nice because the Elders enjoy watching the farmers and the children as they interchange throughout the seasons. Elders here take pleasure in the many social and recreational activities available, from singing and dancing, arts and crafts, to simply hanging out at the hair salon. Elders are involved in all of the daily happenings in the home and in their cottages; they take care of the animals, plants and decide what’s going to be on the menu. Speaking of the menu, mealtimes are a time of fellowship and sharing as all meals are served family style.  They do this to ensure that every Elder gets more of what they like and less of what they don’t. Of course, if the served meal isn’t what they desire they can always have something else from the alternative menu.  The care partner employee team is dedicated to the Eden Alternative philosophy of care, which promotes maximum independence, choice and dignity for everyone who lives here. They are also highly committed to the wellness of Elders by making every effort to reduce unneeded medication use. Home is where the heart is, so Elders are encouraged to decorate their suites with personal items from their former home and of course their favorite pet.  If you come by for a visit, you will notice a diverse group of people living and working together to create a very special place, a place called home.


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The wall is beautiful . Congratulations Stettler for creating a beautiful Eden community.
A fellow Albertan


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