Journey Through Aging Explores the 10 Principles of Eden Alternative

May 10, 2011
Kavan Peterson, Editor,

The Journey Through Aging radio program sponsored by Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services has been featuring the Eden Alternative’s 10 Principles in a series of interviews with Eden Educator Jennifer Heston. Host Joel Wrobbel talks to Jennifer about how the growing Culture Change movement is reshaping long-term care in America and explores how the Eden Alternative philosophy is leading the way.

Learn more about the 10 Principles of the Eden Alternative here.

Click on each link to listen to the interviews online:

Jennifer Heston, Eden Alternative Educator teaches us about the first two guiding principles of the Eden Alternative.

Continuing our series with Jennifer Heston about The Eden Alternative – Principle 3 “The Antidote to Loneliness”

Jennifer Heston, Eden Alternative educator teaches us about Principle 4

Jennifer Heston – Principle 5 of the Eden Alternative – defeating boredom.

Exploring Eden Alternative Principle #6 ( what corrodes the human spirit) with Jennifer Heston

Jennifer Heston continues to teach us about The Eden Alternative – we explore principle #7

Segment 3 – Jennifer Heston teach us about Principle 8 of the Eden Alternative



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Nice work, Jen and Joel!!

Karen Clarke
May 14, 2011 9:35 am

I listened to Principles 1 & 2 and think this is a very clear explanation and description of the Eden Principles and I’m inspired all over again. Thanks.


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