Kennebec Manor Joins The Registry

August 26, 2015
Suzette Molina, The Eden Alternative

Kennebec Manor in Quispamsis, NB joined the Eden Alternative Registry on August 18, 2015.

Love, Love, Love is what it is all about in this small town Canadian home. Each and every person in this home is a part of a community that embraces deep long lasting relationships and activities that are meaningful to each individual. Activities that include giving back to the community such as the annual BBQ and walk-a-thon, the lunch box campaign for local school kids or the shoe box campaign for people in need in other countries.

In the summer they host a camp for local children where Elders and children spend the week playing games and getting to know each other. Mealtimes are filled with choice and variety because the Elders let the folks in the kitchen know what they like and how they like it cooked. If it’s not on the menu they just let one the chef’s know and they do their best to make it happen.  There is always a variety of snacks and hot coffee in the social center for those between meal hunger pains. Recently, they decided to create three smaller neighborhoods within the community. 

Each neighborhood has two neighborhood guides that provide education to the team and make sure things run smoothly. Creating a sense of smallness and consistent care partner assignments are just two examples of how they make sure that they are well known to each other.  The care partner employees at Kennebec Manor go to great lengths to honor choice and individual simple pleasures. During the day many Elders enjoy visiting the salon for a haircut while others have tea on the back patio. Stop in for a visit and plan on staying a while because you are sure to get caught up in conversation while watching the birds and deer in the outdoor courtyard.

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