Ladies and Gentleman… Kris Angevine

November 29, 2018
Jill Vitale-Aussem, The Eden Alternative

Reflections from our new Eden Registry Liaison…

After the Eden Alternative Home Office Team processed and accepted the fact that Suzette Molina was leaving, we started to put together a “wish list” of the qualities, background and experience of our ideal Eden Registry Liaison Candidate.  It was a very long list.

First and foremost, we wanted someone who had deep experience in implementing the Eden Alternative Principles in an aging services organization and who would understand both the very real challenges and great joy that comes from driving this type of transformation. We wanted someone who had worked in both traditional and neighborhood or small home models of support and understood the way that cultural transformation impacts every single person and every single department in an organization.  We wanted someone who was passionate about this transformational work and would stop at nothing to ensure that more Elders and their care partners could experience it. We wanted someone with a great personality who could offer not only kind and warm support, but give Registry Members the push we all need sometimes.  We wanted someone who would thrive with our team and who could stay connected and engaged while working in a virtual office environment.

I never expected we would get all of these qualities in one person.  But we did.  And we couldn’t be more thrilled to add Kris Angevine to the team.  I had the pleasure of chatting with Kris about the work we do, and this is what she shared:

JV: What are the highlights of your culture change career so far?

KA: Some of the best and most energizing moments of my career have involved sharing and teaching a vast array of material to a variety of people who are often hearing these thoughts and ideas for the first time.  Bringing teams of people together and helping them explore what it honestly looks like to live and work together is a uniquely amazing experience each and every time I have witnessed it and had the honor to be a part of it.  Seeing the barriers dissolve and people transforming into community has been powerful and life changing.

JV: What inspires you most about The Eden Alternative and how has it helped you grow?

KA: The Eden Alternative looks at each situation or person as a stand-alone.  Everyone’s journey is and will be different.  The amount of tools and knowledge this organization has taught me has enabled me to become the passionate, culture change agent I am today.  I feel the mission, vision, and values of The Eden Alternative are my own.  This organization feels like home to me.  So very exciting!

JV: What is one unique strength you have that you look forward to applying to your role as the Eden Registry Liaison?

KA: “Rubber to the road” has always been my strength.  Transforming words and ideas into actions and reality is a skill of mine.  I tend to see things very simply.  My extensive experience working with different disciplines and departments in the midst of culture change gives me an inside advantage for supporting others.  From the maintenance crew to the CEO, I am grateful for the stories and perspectives I have been given.  My curiosity about people has allowed me to experience the empathy needed for sustainable change.  I look forward to assisting organizations in finding steps towards a different way for the future.

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Welcome Kris! We are so thrilled to have you!

Laura Beck, The Eden Alternative
November 29, 2018 11:27 am

Indeed we are! The journey begins… together.


I’m going to miss sweet Suzanne, but we are all fortunate to have Kris step into this role. Kris is a wise dedicated servant leader. She is the real deal. We started our Eden Educator journey together several years ago. I can’t wait to watch Kris grow in this role and to spend time with her. Great Choice!

Rebecca Priest
November 29, 2018 5:33 pm

You all picked the most amazing teacher, guide, and listener. I’m so happy for you all to be able to grow others and each other together. I’m always rooting for you, Kristine Angevine. You have shown leadership composed of courage, competence, and best of all, belief in people to be free to be their best selves. Yeahhh!!


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