Leadership: The Many Forms And Functions

July 14, 2014
Virgil Thomas, ChangingAging.org


Wise Leadership can have no substitute. Much of what The Eden Alternative teaches is meaningless without it. Changing the culture of an institution is challenging and strenuous and is never achieved without some form of struggle.

Frost happens. This is a fact of culture change. But luckily leadership is what brings us through to the other side. Leadership can come from anyone and anywhere in the home. You don’t need to be an administrator, or a director of nursing, or a CEO to lead change. It can come from a CNA, a nurse, a volunteer, or an Elder who decide to embrace the idea that it can be different.

With that in mind we have found a powerful playlist of TED talks focused on the many forms of leadership. This is a fantastic resource for anyone who is looking to examine and explore the nuance of inspiring others.

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