The Magic of Mitzvahs…

November 12, 2014

St Carthages 001

In the three day Eden Alternative Associate course we touch on the opportunities of random acts of kindness, or a good deed done (without any expectation of something in return); otherwise also known as Mitzvahs.  It is also describe as ‘Secret Santa’ with a personal touch.

In reading the most recent homework submitted for our participants to become certified Eden Associates, many individuals decided that their 30 day goal was to ‘do’ a Mitzvah a week with no particular specific focus other than ‘thinking of others’.

Many people will say, “but I already do random acts of kindness in my every day job.” In our busy lives and the jobs that we do and the roles that we play, it is often challenging to ‘see the wood for the trees’. It disturbs me a little when busy people claim that “as they already work 8 hours, five days a week, they do many random acts of kindness in the normal part of their day.  Perhaps one day I will go the extra mile by helping out a staff member who is overloaded. I am always available.” I think they have missed the point…it isn’t about you …it’s actually about others.

Actually noticing others requires more conscious thinking and acting…we need to focus with our Eden eyes.  Giving thanks for the small things will often make an enormous difference.  We cannot even begin to imagine the ripple effect it makes.  For example (pictured above): On our recent visit to St Carthages Community Care in Lismore, we met with everyone in their kitchen and were greeted by the sight of a lovely box of freshly baked chocolate iced cup cakes…with a hand written note saying “Help yourself to a cupcake, enjoy”…  Which we did!!!

This was a wonderful way to start our Registry visit and evidence that this organisation had certainly taken on board the opportunity to do something different.  Our thanks to the Mitzvah maker on that day. It was heart-warming and heart felt.

At another home, Mitzvahs were tailored to meet the needs of three different people and included leaving some tinned cat food on the desk of a colleague who is a single mum (who also has a cat); leaving a pot of lip balm on another’s desk; giving as well as receiving an anonymous thank you card.

My question to you is “what have you done differently today or this week for someone else, that is not a part of your normal routine?”  Have you given conscious thought to making a difference by doing something completely different for another that is not a part of your normal job?

Being vulnerable and open to others is part of the magic of the Mitzvah…touching others’ lives means we grow in our appreciation of the efforts of others and we thank them for it…anonymously or otherwise.

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