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April 29, 2015
Virgil Thomas,

Our Deepest Fear Is Not That We Are

I have had the privilege for almost two years to help people in the Eden Alternative community find their voice and publish their stories on our blog. The thing that continues to amaze me is that time and again I hear the refrain “I’m really not much of a writer.” I will hear this after just having read an amazing draft and it often reminds me of the Marianne Williamson quote “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

Most people have probably heard that phrase at one point or another, or read it on one of those inspirational posters like the one above. But let me explain why I use it in this context. For those who do not do it frequently, writing can be as terrifying as public speaking. Because, just like public speaking, writing is the expression of our honest and true voice cast out to be scrutinized and judged by the world. As a result most people tend to pull back, and hide behind jargon, or a makeshift voice used to hide the author’s true self. What is the result? Weird and awkward writing, as well as confirmation bias, “I told you I wasn’t good at writing, see.”

But, I have found that when people write about their passion the exact opposite happens. They speak in an authentic voice, they don’t try to flourish or embellish. They tell their story.

Passion, meaning, and purpose carry us to do great things and drive us to do more than we ever thought we could do. It is our passion that makes us powerful beyond measure. I guess I don’t have much else to say on the topic. I just know that for many, the daily grind of life can hide from us what we truly care about the most, and we can forget why we do what we do. On this hump day I just wanted to remind everyone, you have more passion and purpose than any other group of people I’ve had the pleasure to know.

Go be powerful.

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Thank you!
You helped me find my written voice and empowered me to have an additional level pride in myself. Being a contributor to this blog has taught me to express my thoughts and passions. I guess it is time to stop letting life get in the way and contribute again soon. You are an awesome teacher!

Mary Kim Smith, RN
Eden Mentor/Elder Advocate


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