Measuring Customer Satisfaction as a Culture Change Tool

May 03, 2013
Laura Beck, The Eden Alternative

Ever wonder if gauging customer satisfaction is really worth the time and effort?

Jill Vitale-Aussem, Executive Director of Clermont Park in Denver, Colorado, had become accustomed to the same experience of satisfaction surveys in every organization she had worked for previously.

“We would survey all of the residents and their families once a year, and then a few months later, we’d get this giant report of reams of paper with numbers and comments. It was just way too much information to digest or properly follow up on,” shares Vitale-Aussem.

Like so many organizations working with unwieldy survey results, Clermont Park ended up overwhelmed by it all and sticking the report on a shelf until next year.  They needed a survey solution that could be woven into daily operations and have a real impact on their organizational culture.

While working with a partner organization, Clermont-Park discovered Pinnacle Quality Insight, an Eden Alternative Value-Added Partner.  Specializing in customer satisfaction measurement for Elder care providers, Pinnacle provided user-friendly, substantive reports that really shifted the organization’s perspective on surveys.

“We have them call a random 5% sample of residents/families and employees each month, and we get monthly reports of monthly scores, year-to-date scores, and interview comments,” says Vitale-Aussem, “It’s a manageable number of responses, and we follow up immediately with the resident, family member, or staff member to gain clarity on any comments or scores that are concerning to us.”

By helping organizations more effectively evaluate how they meet the individual needs of the people who live and work there, services like Pinnacle’s support the design of individualized care plans and develop a work environment that helps employees thrive.

Vitale Aussem adds, “We also get to celebrate the great comments and scores on a regular basis.  It’s just become a part of daily operations, rather than a big yearly project that everyone dreads.  We really look forward to getting those monthly reports!”

Consider asking these questions in your teams:

  • What means do we use to assess satisfaction for all members of our various care partner teams?
  • What means do we use to apply what we’ve learned?
  • How do we use this information to inspire our teams and engage each other about how to grow from here?

Check out this free webinar event on May 14th  to learn how thoughtful assessment of customer satisfaction can enhance the development of individualized care plans and team growth and responsiveness.

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