Meet Kimberly Wood

April 09, 2019
Laura Beck, The Eden Alternative

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Kimberly Wood to the Eden Alternative Home Office Team. Kimberly will work closely with our Education Coordinator, Meredith Martin, as Education Support. Like Meredith, she makes Murfreesboro, Tennessee her home, alongside her husband, Jeffrey, and two daughters, Morgan and Annsley.  Kimberly brings a fresh, creative perspective to her new role. Word has it that she is already teaching us a thing or two. As a part of her introduction to the broader Eden Alternative community, I had some questions for her about what drew her to this position.

Here is what she had to say…

LB: What inspired you most about The Eden Alternative when considering this new position?

KW: The most inspiring thing, for me, was the opportunity to be a part of visible changes in this field. I’ve seen firsthand what care services are like when they are not person-directed and when they are. Being a part of a process committed to making things better for Elders and their care partners inspires me.

LB: What is a unique strength you have that you feel aligns with the vision of The Eden Alternative?

KW: I feel as though my empathy and compassion are what aligns my vision with that of The Eden Alternative. Every morning, I choose to try and help. I want to see changes in the life of those affected by Eldercare. Everyone deserves the respect of care and attention.

LB: Which Eden Alternative Principle speaks to you most deeply and why?

KW: Empowerment (Principle Eight) speaks to me the most. No matter the subject, if you are educating yourself and putting forth effort, any journey can be met with the assurance that you can achieve your goals. Having that knowledge empowers me to keep trying, keep moving, keep applying myself. It is a daily walk, but one worth taking.

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Kristine Angevine
April 9, 2019 11:17 am

What an awesome addition to our Home office Team! So glad you are here Kimberly 🙂


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