Movement Is Life

March 06, 2015
Jean Mesendick


Jerry Seinfeld, a man that most of us associate with humor, was recently quoted as saying “Movement is life”. That gave me pause because it might imply that those who are largely stationary; those whose movements have become smaller and more difficult are somehow less alive. Or, maybe, he didn’t mean physical movement at all. Certainly there is spiritual, emotional and intellectual movement as well.

How many times have we used the expression “use it or loose it”? We apply this to both physical skills and intellectual capabilities. We had better be out there doing, learning, experiencing life or we may loose the ability to do, learn and participate. On many levels I believe this to be true. I make a conscious effort to learn, grow and to stretch myself. I bet you do too! Right now you are reading a blog because you have a curious and inquisitive nature.

What concerns me, this cold March day when the world outside my window looks frozen, is that we haven’t done enough to shake things up. What concerns me is that complacency is darn tempting. It is so easy to say to ourselves, “Look how far we have come”. It is comfortable and reassuring to talk to those within this defined world of culture change and know that we have already made a difference.

Did you find it motivating, as I did, to read Chris Perna’s piece on becoming an Instigator? What would it look like if we really started moving and stirring things up a bit more? Dr. Thomas is using the word Disrupt. Now there is a good verb if I ever heard one. Our language is full of movement: change, shift, drive, engage, grow, connect, care, etc. We are being called upon to move

I am challenged to look beyond my customary mental images of life that embody movement; sprouting seeds, burbling brooks, yet-to-be-born babies kicking in utero, birds in flight, waking and stretching to greet a new day. Some of our most important movement is from one frame of mind to another; from one worldview to another.

So let’s get moving! Let’s support the Eden Alternative by enrolling in those course offerings that we know will expand our knowledge and skill. Let’s get out there and become ambassadors to the uninitiated and let them know that It Can Be Different. Jerry Seinfeld just might be right. Movement is life.

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