On Path to Mastery CareAGE Hills Reflects on Eden Journey

June 20, 2011
The Eden Alternative

CareAGE Hills in Cherokee, Iowa, has been on the Eden Alternative journey for 11 years and is excited to share their experience with other Eden homes by completing Milestone 1 of the Path to Mastery: The Art of Creating a Caring Community.

The Cherokee Chronicle Times reported on CareAGE’s dedication to person-centered care:

“Step by step, the Path to Mastery Milestones will guide our organization further down the road to successful culture change,” says Tron Dandy, Administrator, “We, at Careage Hills, have been on this journey for 11 years. Our experience with each Milestone will be shared with other organizations to inspire them to initiate these types of change.”

Small compared to traditional nursing homes, the 44-bed Eden home has been providing person-centered care to communities in Easter Nebraska and western Iowa since 1999.

CareAGE is now embarked on the Path to Mastery, a powerful new tool developed by The Eden Alternative to guide organizations through the process of transforming their culture by applying person-directed care practices:

Careage Hills believes its completion of Milestone 1 is a legacy to future generations of leaders. Lessons learned can be shared with others, ensuring that Elders and employees will continue to benefit from culture change efforts.

Congratulations to CareAGE for completing Milestone 1 and for successfully communicating this accomplishment with their community.

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