We aren’t just physical bodies that need fixing.


We need connection, a sense of purpose, to have our voices heard and our choices honored, and to keep learning and growing, no matter our age or our changing abilities.

our framework

The Eden Alternative Domains of Well-Being®️ are 7 fundamental aspects of personhood that are the core of our Framework. They are the outcomes care partners achieve when they put the Ten Principles of The Eden Alternative®️ into action.

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being well-known; having personhood; individuality; having a history
belonging; engaged; involved; connected to time, place, and nature
freedom from doubt, anxiety, or fear; safety; privacy; dignity; respect
liberty; self-determination; choice; freedom
significance; heart; hope; value; purpose; sacredness
development; enrichment; expanding; evolving
happiness; pleasure; delight; contentment; enjoyment
Principle 1
Loneliness, helplessness, and boredom are painful and destructive to our health and well-being
Principle 2
A caring, inclusive and vibrant community enables all of us, regardless of age or ability, to experience well-being
Principle 3
We thrive when we have easy access to the companionship we desire. This is the antidote to loneliness
Principle 4
We thrive when we have purpose and the opportunity to give, as well as receive. This is the antidote to helplessness
Principle 5
We thrive when we have variety, spontaneity, and unexpected happenings in our lives. This is the antidote to boredom
Principle 6
Meaningless activity corrodes the human spirit. Meaning is unique to each of us and is essential to health and well-being
Principle 7
We are more than our medical diagnoses. Medical treatment should support and empower us to experience a life worth living
Principle 8
Decision-making must involve those most impacted by the decision. Empowerment activates choice, autonomy, and influence
Principle 9
Building a collaborative and resilient culture is a never-ending process. We need to keep learning, developing, and adapting
Principle 10
Wise leadership is the key to meaningful and lasting change. For it, there can be no substitute

The Ten Principles

of the eden alternative®


We thrive when we have purpose and the opportunity to give, as well as receive. This is the antidote to helplessness.